JMMAO INC. ‘Just Make Me An Offer’ is a corporation with a mobile application used to buy, sell, trade or barter new/used goods.

Mission: Founded in 2018 from the idea of being able to put back into society, local communities, and most importantly family. Just Make Me An Offer, JMMAO, was formed. We don’t have to be the biggest; we just want to be the best! Using strong work ethic and sound business mind JMMAO will become a house hold name when it comes to online barter, sells, and trade. Keeping the company on the cutting edge with up to date user friendly interfaces, and mind-blowing bargains all in the palm of your hand.

Problem: Current competitors applications only allow chat features, and/or still photographs to showcase items for sale or trade.

Solution: We will bring to our customers the ability to stream live video on the application. For example, no more having to wonder if that old dirt bike will actually run when you get there. You and the seller will be able to stream live video for you to see everything as it is real time. No more wasted trips across town or state just to find out the picture was misleading. Our customers will be able to have peace of mind and the sense of security not only in who they are buying from, but also what they are buying as well.

  • Our Service and/or Products are superior to our competitors because Mobile Application that will have a live video stream for customers that would like to view their product in real time.
  • Currently the competitors have not focused on the Southern Region of the United States, with our company being based in the Southern Region, it will allow us to capitalize on this market.
  • We have Intellectual Property that gives us an advantage over our competitors, due to our globally recognized negotiation term “Just Make Me An Offer” which we have now trademarked.
  • We have unique marketing skill sets that will enable us to attract new customers at lower costs, which include an in-house teams that is well diversified in different marketing approaches.